Soccer Etiquette

1. Be a knowledgeable participant and understand the rules of soccer. The full FIFA rules are posted on the FIFA web site:

2. Be on time. Players need a proper warm-up in order to perform well.

3. Players are responsible for having all appropriate equipment. Full uniforms, shin guards, and molded plastic soccer cleats (not baseball cleats) are required. No mismatched socks, shorts, or jerseys. Shirts are to be tucked in at all times.

4. Parents and players are to stay on opposite sides of the field. Typically, parents sit across from their player’s bench. Once your player’s game is over please move your chair back so the parents for the next game can clearly see the field.

5. Both parents and players not on the field are to keep their distance from the sideline to ensure referees have an unobstructed view and for player and spectator safety.

6. Do not shout instructions to your child. That is the coach’s job. Parent coaching distracts players and is often in conflict with the coaching instructions for the players.

7. Soccer is a contact sport and it requires players to be aggressive. You may think it was a foul, but it probably was not. Allow referees to do their job.

8. Do not question or insult the referees.

9. Show respect toward the coaches, the other team, and the referees.

10. If your team loses, adopt a positive attitude.

11. Keep it fun for everyone!