Tournament Rules

FIFA RULES: FIFA Laws of the Game will govern play, unless modified herein.


KICK OFF: May be taken in any direction.

GOALS: Goals must be scored from the offensive side of the field. Offensive player may not kick, head or otherwise direct a ball toward the opposing teams goal unimpeded from the defensive half of the field.

NO THROW-INS: Balls must be put back into play upon leaving field boundaries by placing the ball motionless outside the field of play nearest to where it went out of bounds, and the ball must be kicked back into the field of play.

GOAL BOX: The goal box, ten feet wide by eight feet deep, is directly in front of the goal. Players may move through the goal box, but contact with the ball by offensive or defensive players is illegal. Any part of the ball or a player’s body touching the line is considered in the goal box; the player is an extension of the box. If a defender touches the ball in the goal box, a penalty kick is awarded to the offensive team. If an offensive player touches the ball within the goal box, a goal kick is awarded to the defensive team. If the ball comes to a motionless stop in the goal box, a goal kick is awarded to the defensive team.

FIVE YARD RULE: In all dead ball situations, defending players must stand five yards away from the ball. If the defensive player’s goal area is closer than five yards, the ball is placed five yards from the goal area in line with the place of the penalty.

INDIRECT KICKS: All dead ball kicks (kick-ins, free kicks, kick-offs) are indirect except corner and penalty kicks.

GOAL KICKS: May be taken from any point on the end line, and not in the goal box area.

PENALTY KICKS: Shall be awarded if, in the referee’s opinion, a scoring opportunity was nullified by the infraction. It is a direct kick taken from the top of the center circle (15ft. line) on the offensive side of the midfield line with all other players behind the midfield line. If a goal is not scored, the defense obtains possession with a goal kick. (Penalty kicks are not live balls.)

GAME DURATION: The game shall consist of two 10 minute halves separated by a two minute halftime. Pool games tied after regulation play shall end in a tie. Playoff games cannot end tied.

EQUIPMENT: Players are required to wear shin guards. Teams are responsible for providing game shirts and game balls. Players should bring one light colored shirt and one dark colored shirt to ensure opposing team shirt colors do not match.

BALL SIZES:  7U-8U: Size 3 | 9U-10U, 11U-12U: Size 4 | 13U-14U: Size 5

FIELD DIMENSIONS: Length: (40) yards, Width: (30) yards

GOAL SIZE: The goals are approximately 4 feet high by 6 feet wide.

PLAYER REGISTRATION & ROSTERS : All teams and players must be registered to participate prior to event. Players may participate only in the appropriate age division. Players may “play up” an age level, but may not “play down” to a lower age level. Players must produce proof of age in the form of a USA Soccer player pass or birth certificate if requested by tournament director.

-Rosters may not be revised once tournament play begins.
-Rosters can consist of as few as (3) and as many as (6) players.
-Players may only participate on one team per division.
-No goalkeepers, field players only.
-No more than (3) players are allowed on the field of play during game action.
-Substitutions allowed at dead ball situations and players must enter and exit at the half-field.

TOURNAMENT FORMAT & SCORING: Each team will play (3) pool play matches. Pool play matches will determine seeding for a single elimination knock out tournament. Pool play games may end in a tie. In pool play, a win results in (3) points, a tie results in (1) point, and a loss results in (0) points. Goals for and goals against will be recorded. Goal differential of more than (5) goals will be recorded as (+5) for the winning team and (-5) for the losing team. Following pool play, a single elimination bracket will be created and knockout play will commence until one team remains unbeaten.

POOL PLAY TIEBREAKERS: Ties between two or more teams will be broken by; 1) head to head results between tied teams; 2) goal differential; 3) fewest goals against in pool play; 4) goals scored; 5) Coin flip.

ELIMINATION GAME OVERTIME: A 3-minute “Golden Goal” overtime period will be used to determine winners in the event of a tie. If a goal is not scored in the overtime period, the winner will be determined by a penalty shootout with the 3 players on the field at end of golden goal period. Penalty order will be determined by a coin flip. Teams will alternate kicks. After 3 rounds if a winner is not decided, penalty rounds will continue indefinitely in the same order until a winner is decided.

FORFEITS: A forfeit shall be scored as 5-0.

MERCY RULE: Losing team may cancel remainder of game in the case of a (10) goal deficit.